1st Grade Updates



Hello parents,

Please review the important info outlined below.

Class Communications/Website:

Parents, please visit https://bol.academy/1st-grade/ for all information and updates for your 1st grader. You’ll find our class calendar, updates, and more on this webpage. Please check the class calendar twice weekly to stay abreast of homework assignments and upcoming tests.

Writing My Name:

Parents, please allow your scholar to practice perfecting the cursive formation of their first & last name daily. Please refer to the cursive formation guide in their binder for the proper formation of each letter and how to correctly use the writing house lines (upstairs, downstairs, basement).

Writing Practice:

Parents, please continue practicing the cursive formation of letters as they are introduced. So far, your scholar has reviewed/learned the letters a, e, i, o, and u. Please refer to the cursive formation guide in your scholar’s binder for the proper formation. I recommend purchasing a lined whiteboard (from Amazon, $1.25 Tree, Kroger, etc.) and allowing your scholar to practice with it. Also, you may print the tablet paper pdf attached and allow your scholar to practice using the writing house correctly with a dry-erase pocket. Throughout the year, I will send extra practice worksheets for your scholar to complete at home. I encourage you to allow your scholar to complete them.

Spelling Tests:

Excellent job on your spelling tests, scholars! Parent, please ensure that your scholar is studying their spelling words daily. Please check your scholar’s binder for their progress. Parents, I have identified that our class needs practice with writing d and b correctly. I will continue reminding them of the proper formation of those letters in class, and if your scholar needs help in this area, I ask that you do the same at home. Instead of whole points, half points will be deducted on spelling tests for misusing d and b. Starting Quarter 2, scholars will lose whole points for the misuse of d and b. Each week, scholars will be assigned optional spelling challenges! I encourage you to help your scholar complete them each week. In the description, you can find the challenge each week on our class calendar.

Online Practice Games: https://myclass.theinspiredinstructor.com/spelling/spellingfirst.html


Check out our new poem in the updates section! Over the next two weeks, all scholars will study the poem, I Am the Black Child, by Mychal Wynn. We will practice reciting the poem with rhythm and great expression, and scholars must memorize the poem and will recite the poem on September 14th. Scholars will be graded on memorization, volume, enunciation, rhythm, and expression. We will discuss the poem’s meaning in class, and scholars will be reminded of their worth and importance as black children. Parents, I encourage you to reinforce this message at home.


Parents, please remind your scholar to stay focused and participate each day in each class. Scholars will receive a weekly participation score in writing and skills development. I am not looking for perfection, but your scholar must always obey and give their best. When scholars fail to follow instructions and give their best effort, their participation scores will drop. Thank you for partnering with me to ensure your scholar is focused and ready to learn daily!

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1st Grade Updates

Hello parents, Please review the important info outlined below. Class Communications/Website: Parents, please visit https://bol.academy/1st-grade/ for all

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