1st Grade

The Trailblazers

1st Grade

In First Grade, our scholars continue to improve their reading and phonics skills to more complex special blends and a focus on fluency and complex comprehension. Students also receive an introduction to syllable breakdown. Handwriting and grammar will concentrate on how to connect letters in cursive and creative writing, along with early sentence diagramming. Spelling words begin at this stage as well. In mathematics, we focus on more advanced addition and subtraction using multiplication, graphing, and early fractions, place value, odd/even numbers, and counting to 1,000. In Science, we continue exploring God’s world but also introduce the scientific process with experiments exploring of friction and gravity. We will explore other cultures in Social Studies with Abeka’s Children Around the World Series. Computer skills are also continued to build computer literacy.


Extra Credit

Hello parents, A new penmanship bonus opportunity is available for all scholars in 1st-3rd grade!…

Sum It UP

Sum It Up First Grade Edition

Welcome Parents and Scholars!

Hello Homeroom, Exciting news! BOLPA’s new website, bol.academy, is here! Please visit the 1st Grade page, https://bol.academy/1st-grade/, for all…

1st Grade Updates

Hello parents, Please review the important info outlined below. Class Communications/Website: Parents, please visit https://bol.academy/1st-grade/ for all…

I Am the Black Child

Check out our new poem! Over the next two weeks, all scholars will study the…

Welcome Back

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