2022 Christmas Production

Christmas attire by group

Attire: black tops and bottoms paired with black socks and shoes.

  • Colin Walker
  • Ayden Butler
  • Matthew Lamar
  • Myles Lamar
  • Jaxon Ellis 
  • Peyton Hurd
  • Naomi Harper 
  • Jada Watson 
  • Riley McRea 
  • Yeva Weakley
  • Ethan Faulkner 
  • Kerra-Grace Smith 

Attire: Should dress in a turtleneck top (Red) with black dress pants (NO JEANS) and black shoes and socks

  • Nathan Banks 
  • Jace Ross
  • Jace Andrews
  • Kody Adams 

Attire: Should dress in a turtleneck top (green) with a black skirt, (socks or tights in neutral, white, or black) and black dress shoes.

  • Kennedi Meredith
  • Journi Caldwell 
  • Charlee Bland 
  • Caliyah Scott
  • Carlyn White
  • Harper Cochran
  • Mia Greer 
  • Rayne Felton
  • Tia Avery

Attire: Should wear a white turtleneck top paired with neutral brown shoes and khaki skirts and white tights for girls and khaki pants for boys.

  • Tinselly Charles 
  • Aubri Taylor
  • Zach Smith
  • Spencer Cructher
  • Dillon Walker 
  • Ashton Gray 
  • Brallie Lewis 
  • Kenneth Millbrook III
  • Preseton Hurd 
  • Seven Grayson
  • Zara Lynch
  • Maizy Turner 
  • Alfonso Wells III
  • Carlton Jett

Attire: should dress in nice red or green dress shirt, black dress pants (NO JEANS), and black dress shoes and socks.

  • Kailin Hicks 
  • Antonio Cox
  • Harvey Townsend 

Attire: should dress in either a red or green formal dress with neutral or white tights and black dress shoes. Or they can wear a red or green blouse with a black skirt with tan or white tights and black shoes.

  • Tori Halliburton 
  • Nixen Peart 
  • Malia Hill

Attire:Should wear oversized flannel and black pants

  • Karsen Webb
  • Jeremy Johnson 
  • Joshua Freeman 

Attire: Should wear white thick leggings paired with a red leotard

  • Heather Townsend
  • Jaslyn Anderson 
  • Taylor Stevenson 

Attire: Should wear Baggy jeans with white thick leggings underneath paired with a red leotard with a oversized flannel

  • Ari Ann Cox
  • Cali Horton 
  • Adrian Garrett
  • Peyton Woods 

Attire: Should wear 90'S style baggy jeans and oversized Flannel (in Christmas colors)

  • James Caldwell
  • Santana Smith
  • Abigail Smith
  • Aiden Gray
  • Carter Pilgram
  • Dallas Guyton
  • Hunter Youngblood
  • Joshua Smith
  • Kherrington Scott
  • Khloe Ellis
  • Kristopher Williamson
  • Marcus Charles
  • Nygahl Jones
  • Tiana Holloman
  • Nyla Hill
  • McKenzie-Ann Anderson 

Attire: Should wear Sunday's best (in Christmas Colors)

  • McKinlee Bland
  • Ja'siah Perry 
  • Anthony Garrett



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