2nd Grade Updates



2nd Grade Updates

Hello parents,

The 2022-23 school year is off to a fantastic start! The Eagles are already acclimating to changing classes and are doing an excellent job remembering their schedules! As a reminder, on Friday, August 19th, all scholars will take their first spelling test! This Thursday, they’ll take a practice test, and if they score a 100, they won’t test on Friday and will enjoy a trip to the gum ball machine. Please refer to the welcome packet for all lists and fun practice games.


This week for homework, scholars will study and write their spelling words on the provided paper. Homework is due the following day.

Also, this week the mystery bag will begin! All scholars will have an opportunity to participate this semester. We will go alphabetically by last name, giving each scholar a chance to share a mystery item. When it’s your scholar’s turn, they’ll bring home the mystery bag with instructions inside.

Today technology class kicked and our scholars are learning the essential parts of the computer! I encourage you to review this with them at home. (Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, CPU, Speakers)

Please do so if you haven’t signed up for remind 101 or viewed our class calendars. Please refer to the welcome packet for this info.

Have a great week,

Mr. Marco

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