3rd Grade

The Discoverers

3rd Grade

In 3rd Grade, scholars will gain a lifelong enthusiasm for reading as they learn to read using the Abeka phonics-first approach. You’ll see your child master phonics and watch their reading comprehension skills grow as they read delightful stories with character-building themes. As their reading and spelling skills improve, creative writing becomes a natural outflow as they organize thoughts into sentences and apply their grammar knowledge in order to communicate. Learning and practicing the proper formation of letters and the correct spacing between letters, words, and sentences helps perfect writing skills for a good overall appearance. Learning computation skills, problem-solving skills, and how to apply arithmetic concepts exercises their reasoning and thinking abilities. In science, health, history, and geography, they’ll learn about God’s world and appreciate it more as they venture into a biographical study of people who impacted America. Most importantly, studying the lives of real people in the Bible will help him learn how to respond to situations in their own life. Finally, art rounds out the academic program.


Black History Project - My Story

Black history project details

Homework Jan 17,2023

Please print and turn in completed experiment report. 

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