Conduct Reminder



Dear Parents,

We are thrilled to have completed the first week of school and are now in the second week. Our scholars are already learning so much and having a great time. To keep parents informed about their child’s daily progress, our scholars will receive a daily conduct grade in each class, which will be either E, S, W, N, or U. If a scholar receives a W in conduct, it means they were given a final warning and did not enter the danger zone (N or U). The lowest conduct grade earned during the day will be recorded. At the end of each week, the five conduct grades will be averaged to arrive at the final conduct score for that week. At the end of the nine-week grading period, the nine weekly conduct grades will be averaged to determine the scholar’s overall quarterly conduct. Each conduct letter has a set number of points, and after averaging, the final conduct grade is determined using an averaging scale. If a scholar receives three N’s in a single day, disciplinary action may be taken, including a referral to the disciplinary office. A scholar’s daily conduct includes work habits, attentiveness, class participation, attitude, and behavior.

We look forward to a fantastic remainder of the year and thank you for partnering with us for your scholar’s academic, spiritual, and behavioral success. Please continue checking our website for the week at a glance and class updates.

Best regards,

BOLPA’s Elementary Team

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