I Am the Black Child



Check out our new poem! Over the next two weeks, all scholars will study the poem, I Am the Black Child, by Mychal Wynn. We will practice reciting the poem with rhythm and great expression, and scholars must memorize the poem and will recite the poem on September 14th. Scholars will be graded on memorization, volume, enunciation, rhythm, and expression. We will discuss the poem’s meaning in class, and scholars will be reminded of their worth and importance as black children. Parents, I encourage you to reinforce this message at home.

Thank you,

Mr. Marco



I Am the Black Child

I am special, ridicule cannot sway me

I am strong, obstacles cannot stop me

I hold my head high, proudly proclaiming my uniqueness

I hold my pace, continuing forward through adversity

I am proud of my culture and my heritage

I am confident that I can achieve my every goal

I am becoming all that I can be

I am the black child, I am the child of God.

-Mychal Wynn


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