“Me On the Map” Project



Hey there, Senior K parents!

The scholars and I had an absolute blast reading “Me On the Map” by Joan Sweeney, and they’ve been having a blast mastering their map skills all year long.

The scholars will gear up to complete the “Me On the Map” project with their families! This exciting activity involves nesting circles to help them gain a basic understanding of geography. 

Through this rotating circular craft, the scholars review differentiating between a city, state, country, continent, and planet. It’s an enjoyable and engaging way to help them deepen their understanding of the world around them. Get ready for some serious excitement!

The project will be due Thursday, April 11th. Scholars will graded based on effort, creativity, and comprehension. Please review the linked instructional video and attached rubric for additional information.

Please email me at mcervetti@bol.academy if you have any questions!

All the best, Mr. Marco

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