Little Einsteins

Senior K

Our kindergarteners are taught special blends and how to sound out and break down longer words. We also study advanced sight words with fluency and accuracy increased to the First Grade level or higher. Additionally, long vowels are added to other phonics rules. In mathematics, we study more advanced addition and subtraction, telling time (hour and half hour), counting coins, ordinal numbers, and counting up to 200. Handwriting begins with teaching cursive. Our science and social studies explore God’s World, teaching basic geography and U.S. history as the presidents and American symbols and basic scientific concepts such as magnetism, animal classification, and more. In Computer, we establish basic skills as click and drag and typing begin in Senior K. 


Black History Project - My Story

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Homework Jan 17-19,2023

Complete this fun at-home lab and complete the report sheet. print and turn it in…

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