Spelling/Writing Semester Evaluation



Hello SK Parents,

Semester evaluations are scheduled for May 9th and 10th. Please review the SK final exam info below.


Our class did not have an opportunity to retest on list 15 and will do so this week. Remember to study the special sounds on chart six to prepare for the test. Scholars will have their list 16 test on May 4th and their final test the week of May 8th, semester exam week. All lists will include special sounds from chart six.


April 27th – List 15 retest

May 4th – List 16 Test

May 9th/10th – Final Test: over sounds learned in phonics chart six

PenmanshipOn the penmanship evaluation, scholars must correctly write all lowercase letters and the 12 capital letters: A, T, I, J, S, B, C, D, M, L, G, and H. Scholars must write all letters on the lines neatly. Additionally, scholars must copy a sentence from the board and connect the letters of the words correctly.

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