Writing/Spelling Semester Exam Info



Hello 1st Grade Parents,

Semester evaluations are scheduled for May 9th and 10th. Please review the 1st-grade final exam info below.


April 27th – List 26 Test

May 4th – List 27 Test

May 9th/10th – Final Test: over words from lists 17-27


Scholars must correctly write all uppercase and lowercase letters on the penmanship evaluation. Scholars must write all letters on the lines neatly. Additionally, scholars must copy sentences and connect the letters of the words correctly.

For the creative writing evaluation, scholars must know all the writing rules and vocabulary they have learned this year. Additionally, they will apply all learned rules by planning and writing a story about the given topic. Scholars must write in cursive, and their penmanship will be graded.

 The link below may be helpful for preparation.


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